The Provence Style Home Interior Decorating

A visit to small fishing villages in Provence will quickly set in your mind, the quaint old French architecture and décor that is so famous worldwide. There are many medieval villages, with narrow streets lined with cafes, craft shops and stone houses and surrounded by vineyards or facing the ocean. It is like stepping back into history. If you are visiting, there are lovely items to purchase for interior decorating purposes and a wander around some of the craft shops and suppliers of local products will give you tons of ideas. Antique stores in Provence sell genuine antique enamelware, basket ware and ceramics, which you can still pick up for a reasonable price. If you are into the genuine antique stuff, a trip to Provence is essential as you can pick up some great bargains If you hunt around.

Provence is famous for its fine linen and cotton tablecloths, bed linen and curtain material all of which are produced locally with traditional manufacturing techniques using natural dyes and in all the famous floral and geometric designs. Provence fabrics or indiennes, have been produced there since the 17th century when fabric was first imported from India, but by the end of the 17th century France was producing its own fine linen and cottons. The linens we originally used to make women’s shawls but gradually the industry expanded to include a wide range of fabrics and designs for interior decorating purposes.

The Provence fabrics are an important interior decorating feature for creating a Provencal style in your home. Alongside some French style retro accessories you are well on the way to achieving the desired effect. Modern pine whitewashed furniture is also easy and inexpensive to obtain and helps to conjure up the rustic, casual atmosphere of a Provencal cottage. If you can lay your hands on an old kitchen dresser that you could restore, it would look great displaying some retro pottery and traditional style French enamelware jugs for instance.

There is also great kitchen ceramics and porcelain available from Provence made also in the traditional old fashioned way and featuring well known floral borders. You can purchase this new from local Provencal suppliers or you can hunt around the antique stores and trash and treasure markets for unique pieces. For those who are unable to make a trip to Provence, but still wish to purchase some interior decorating items like tablecloths and retro accessories they are available online through genuine suppliers. Beware of cheap imitation products made elsewhere in France or even in China; genuine Provencal linen and cottons are of very high quality and are extremely durable, will not fade and will last repeated machine washes.

A Beginner’s Guide to Home Interior Decorating

Is there anything more satisfying than retiring to your home that you have decorated yourself? Decorating your home is a creative exercise that not every home owner can do with complete justification. It needs patience and requires choosing the best quality material for every room and space that will add spectacular appeal to your room. If you are a beginner in the interior decorating, then here are quick tips that you’d like to know on your first move:

Get Acquainted with the Theme – Theme is the significant part when you are interior decorating your home. Without a proper theme you just cannot come out with cohesive home interiors that will otherwise make your home look fabulous and scintillating. Check for amazing themes interiors on Internet, and choose the one that impresses you the most.

Look for the Colors -Colors are mood regulating and they play important role when you are interior decorating your home. It is significant to note here that perfect color harmony is necessary and this can only come if you choose the wall colors with extreme subtleness. Select the hues and shades from the color chart as this will give you a quick way out in making the color selection. In addition, you also need to know which color combination will best match the tone of your individual rooms when you are interior decorating your home. For example, in case of bedroom, neutral colors will work best. Similarly, in case of children bedrooms, attractive colors will give a smart appeal. Good color scheme together with a purposeful theme of interior decoration will make the most of your home interior decoration process.

Choose Right Kind of Materials and Accessories – Choice of materials and accessories also make the important part of home interior decoration. And since you are a beginner in the area of home decoration, you need to spend some real quality time in order to get to know which type of accessory will give the right match to the rooms. Accessories such as statues, sconces, and other unique antique pieces will give your rooms a perfect touch. But again, you need to be clear on the right match.

Lights Play a Significant Role – Proper illumination in the home should be one thing that you need to keep in your mind when interior decorating the things. The quality of light inside the rooms will automatically increase the value of accessories as well as multiply the color appeal. The intensity of light and also the color of light play decisive role to create spectacular tone of the room interiors.

Home Interior Decorating For Beginners

When you first get started on home interior decorating, it is a good idea to have at least some notion of the kind of color scheme you might like. That is not to say that you can’t change your mind while you are working out a plan. It is much better to change at this stage than when you already have the paint on the walls.

Good, well thought out interior decorating can add balance to a room and bring out its best features. Interior decorating should form the background for the way you choose to live in your home. If you’ve got a lot of books then it stands to reason that you will want plenty of good shelving. Plain wood shelves look best for this but if you already have some and they are beginning to look past their prime then play safe and paint them white. Think about the lighting in a room because this can enhance or detract from its overall design.

If you are not sure what color to use then play it safe and go for a neutral cream or magnolia – you can brighten it up with your soft furnishings and well placed lamps and ornaments. Many homes are a hodge-podge of furniture and decorating styles. If you replace furniture try to bear in mind the particular effects or style that you are trying to achieve. A well-chosen and well-placed piece can totally alter the look of a room.

Home interior decorating covers many aspects of the tasks. A lot depends on how much time you have to spare and what your budget is – whether you just want to spruce up a room or give it a whole new look. It is surprising for instance what new bath mats and towels do for a bathroom. Try sprucing up your room with some new cushions and perhaps a mirror or two. Move the furniture around and add feature wall paper on one wall – make sure that it tones in with the existing color scheme and you’ll be surprised how much style this can give to a room.

Perhaps the kitchen is your bete noir? If it is you can do a lot with some new blinds and lampshades. Try some potted plants on the window ledge this can brighten most kitchens. If the paint-work really is past its prime then you need to decide whether you need a whole new paint job or whether you can get away with touching up the doors and base boards. If your bedroom needs a face-lift then try some new bed covers and toning curtains. Add a few cushions to your bed and you immediately have a more luxurious look.

Home Interior Decorating Step by Step

Whenever you deal with home interior decorating of your house, you would like to decorate one area at a time. Often, an individual will attempt to handle the entire house in a single swoop and the actual job will become overwhelming as well as annoying. Rather, break the entire project down into small steps and undertake one smaller area, completing it before moving along to the next one.

It can be alright to plan the whole look for the house prior to starting. Just do not think that everything needs to occur at the same time. Do not buy all the decorating items you may need at once either or you will need to find space to store all the stuff until you need them. Purchase fresh paint for an entire room at one time so you get the same paint mix that will complement perfectly. Do purchase fabric for a single room all at one time to be able to be sure you a sufficient supply. Additional items can be bought when needed.

Pick one room in which to start your interior designing. After you have chosen the room and also have a plan for that room, do any painting or wall papering that’s necessary. It simply isn’t practical to paint or paper one section of a room and stop. However, after the painting or wall papering is finished, break the room down into parts. Decorate one part, completely finishing it before dealing with the next section. In reality, you may choose to decorate one corner completely before moving forward.

Try to find ways to add appeal to the actual single area on which you are focusing. Select just the perfect items to use. In the end, you have lots of time to pay attention to this area. Experiment with placement and adjust the home furniture, highlights, images along with other items when needed until you’re totally pleased with that area.

As you go from area to area in that single room, you will start to see the advantages of designing one area at a time. The mess is reduced rather than taking over the entire house. The job seems a lot more achievable than if you take on a huge job all at the same time. You will also feel pleasure as you finish one task and prepare to move on to the next. Satisfaction rather than aggravation is the biggest difference in making use of this interior designing approach. Check it out; you will find how much better it can be to finish small tasks one-by-one.