The Provence Style Home Interior Decorating

A visit to small fishing villages in Provence will quickly set in your mind, the quaint old French architecture and décor that is so famous worldwide. There are many medieval villages, with narrow streets lined with cafes, craft shops and stone houses and surrounded by vineyards or facing the ocean. It is like stepping back into history. If you are visiting, there are lovely items to purchase for interior decorating purposes and a wander around some of the craft shops and suppliers of local products will give you tons of ideas. Antique stores in Provence sell genuine antique enamelware, basket ware and ceramics, which you can still pick up for a reasonable price. If you are into the genuine antique stuff, a trip to Provence is essential as you can pick up some great bargains If you hunt around.

Provence is famous for its fine linen and cotton tablecloths, bed linen and curtain material all of which are produced locally with traditional manufacturing techniques using natural dyes and in all the famous floral and geometric designs. Provence fabrics or indiennes, have been produced there since the 17th century when fabric was first imported from India, but by the end of the 17th century France was producing its own fine linen and cottons. The linens we originally used to make women’s shawls but gradually the industry expanded to include a wide range of fabrics and designs for interior decorating purposes.

The Provence fabrics are an important interior decorating feature for creating a Provencal style in your home. Alongside some French style retro accessories you are well on the way to achieving the desired effect. Modern pine whitewashed furniture is also easy and inexpensive to obtain and helps to conjure up the rustic, casual atmosphere of a Provencal cottage. If you can lay your hands on an old kitchen dresser that you could restore, it would look great displaying some retro pottery and traditional style French enamelware jugs for instance.

There is also great kitchen ceramics and porcelain available from Provence made also in the traditional old fashioned way and featuring well known floral borders. You can purchase this new from local Provencal suppliers or you can hunt around the antique stores and trash and treasure markets for unique pieces. For those who are unable to make a trip to Provence, but still wish to purchase some interior decorating items like tablecloths and retro accessories they are available online through genuine suppliers. Beware of cheap imitation products made elsewhere in France or even in China; genuine Provencal linen and cottons are of very high quality and are extremely durable, will not fade and will last repeated machine washes.