Planning Ahead for Replacing the Mattress

The time to begin exploring possible alternatives for the current mattress is before waking up with a sore back. Waiting until pain has set in often results in people buying the first mattress that sounds wonderful. Planning ahead allows the opportunity to research different types and brands of mattresses. A lot has changed in the seven to ten years spent sleeping on the current bed.

Investigate Something New

Some of the best mattresses on the market today were not even available ten years ago. There are several new options that are designed to be more durable, comfortable, and supportive to the body in any sleep position. Memory foam, for example, has gotten many upgrades as a result of technology. New materials, smart layering, and better motion isolation has greatly improved these mattresses.

The Nectar mattress is comprised of five layers with different types of memory foam. The base in an ultra dense foam, there is a layer of adaptive foam, and a layer of LushFoam for which the company holds a patent. The Purple mattress is handcrafted and combines foam with a new hyper-elastic polymer. The material is added for better spinal alignment regardless of sleeping position. Other selections include latex foam for comfort combined with memory foam for support, innovative cooling systems so the temperature does not become too warm, and mattresses that require no platform.

Buying Online

Pricing for newer mattresses has decreased without sacrificing quality. Many companies only sell mattresses online. While this contributes to the affordable pricing, it means people cannot try the mattress ordering it. This is where planning ahead is a real advantage. Take the time to ask friends and family what types of mattresses they sleep on and whether they are happy with their decisions.

Find some review sites and blogs dedicated to mattresses and accessories. Summaries of pros and cons, reviews by people who have slept on the mattress for more than two weeks, and details of how different mattresses are constructed are helpful in narrowing down choices. Once customers are favoring a few companies, they can click to see more because links are provided to official websites.